REWIRED is a two-part inewsource investigation into a promising and experimental brain treatment that has sparked mayhem for the doctor who developed it and the Navy SEAL who had a psychotic break after receiving it. The stories also offer the first public description of an ongoing University of California investigation into how a $10 million gift to study the treatment was wasted at one of America’s premier research universities.

Taken together, REWIRED shows what can happen when big egos and big money clash and when doctors alter the brainwaves of some of the most dangerous men on the planet.



A novel but unproven treatment is at the center of a confidential University of California Office of the President investigation, lawsuits and a Navy SEAL's psychotic break. Using thousands of pages of university and medical records, arrest reports, research proposals, emails and leaked documents, reporters put together a comprehensive picture of a nearly unbelievable story.

How to squander a $10 million donation from a dead man

In 2015, a San Diego philanthropist died of cancer and left behind millions of dollars for UC San Diego, one of the top research institutions in the U.S. Almost half of the money has been spent and the university has little to show for it.

Top 7 things you should know about the REWIRED investigation

REWIRED is a two-part investigation that details an experimental brain treatment, a Navy SEAL’s psychotic break and an internal investigation at the University of California San Diego. Since the investigation is a lengthy read, here are the top seven takeaways.


Former Navy SEAL Johnathan Surmont journeyed to hell and back after an experimental brain treatment.

His story will be told in a mini-documentary coming soon. View the trailer below.



Written and reported by Brad Racino and Jill Castellano.

Photos and video by Zoë Meyers.

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Edited by Lorie Hearn and Laura Wingard.

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